The project “Energy Efficiency in Argentina” provides an E-learning platform that serves to build capacities among the different stakeholders.

This open virtual space provides online courses on a more rational consumption of energy and allows participants to exchange good practices and related news among them. Reaching a high number of learners simultaneously and independently of their location, online courses are particularly significant in a vast country like Argentina, where people are either scattered in depopulated regions or concentrated in large cities with severe mobility challenges. Moreover, it can serve as a content repository supporting face-to-face trainings, and allow efficient multiplying access to knowledge. The online courses, self-guided or tutorized, will be very practical and oriented to promote measurable energy efficiency and savings.

The online courses are available for residential energy certifiers and fleet transport professionals participating in the pilot project, and offer:

  • » Broadcasting relevant information on energy efficiency (EE) and savings
  • » Solving frequently asked questions from the public and the specific target audiences (residential certifiers and fleet transport professionals)
  • » Enabling a space for dialogue among Subject-Matter-Experts and/or professional peers and the citizenship
  • » Creating a repository for best practices on EE
  • » Giving support to specific face-to-face trainings