In the framework of the project “Energy Efficiency in Argentina”, a Matchmaking Event with participants from both the EU and Argentina will be held in Buenos Aires (date to be announced).

During one full day, this event will gather up to 150 participants representing:

Private sector companies that will take part in direct B2B (Business-to-Business) matchmaking rounds:
» Argentinian companies which are part of the industrial Energy Networks developed during the project
» European providers of energy-efficient technologies and services.

Public and private entities such as:
» Business and professional organisations from Argentina and the EU
» Ministries
» Private and public banks and financial institutions.

The EU-Argentina Matchmaking Event aims at:

Engaging the private sector in the development of Energy Efficiency in Argentina, bringing together Argentinian industries that have specific needs and gaps and European companies that are capable of meeting these demands.

Facilitating the development of partnerships that will help the Argentinian companies overcome their challenges towards greater energy efficiency.

Promoting project activities and results of particular relevance to business development: National Energy Efficiency Plan (PlanEEAr), energy balance, pilot measures in industry, residential and transport sectors, building certification.

The format of the event will focus on B2B sessions, where individual meetings between the participants will be organised. In addition, short and compact plenary sessions will provide context and background on specific Energy Efficiency (EE) issues, showcasing project results and the identified EE opportunities, the available EE / RE financing schemes, and the general EE and RE policy of the country.

The European companies can come from any EU Member State and have B2Bs with their Argentinean counterpart.