By 01 Septiembre 2019

Energy Labeling Pilot Tests for a total of 600 homes in Bariloche, Mendoza and Tucuman have been concluded, with 200 homes in Salta to follow

The launch of a pilot test to learn more about energy consumption in Argentina is closer to its implementation now with the signing of the Agreement between the College of Architects of Salta (CAS) -through the CAS Foundation-, and the project Energy Efficiency in Argentina, funded by the European Union.

The Pilot Test for Energy Labeling will be carried out in 200 homes in the capital and surrounding areas. "We are very happy to have Salta included in this national program that will help us optimize energy consumption and work together for energy savings," says Architect Pablo Romero, President of the College of Architects of Salta.
"The pilot test that will be launched in the coming weeks is the continuity of the Housing Labeling course that had great success among architects and engineers throughout the province," said Architect Pablo Davids Theaux, President of the CAS Foundation.
The coordinator of the European project Energy Efficiency in Argentina, Alfredo Caprile highlighted the importance of these learning and work opportunities for the professionals and underlined the relevance of having Salta on board in this national program, together with San Carlos de Bariloche, Mendoza, Godoy Cruz and Tucuman.
This survey will generate statistical data on what, how and for what is energy consumed. Its high relevance is remarkable, given that it will provide a diagnosis to implement a possible regulatory framework to improve energy consumption and energy efficiency.

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