By 27 Noviembre 2019

The 5th Energy Management Learning Network is already underway

The 1st Workshop of the 5th Energy Management Learning Network in the Province of Misiones was held on November 20 at the headquarters of the Economic Confederation of Missions (CEM).

With an important collaboration from the Argentine Confederation of Medium-sized Enterprises (CAME), this 5th Network will focus mainly on medium and small-sized companies.
We already count with 14 companies in the province of Misiones and one additional in the province of Corrientes. These companies are mainly from the forestry, grassland, citrus, tea, food and packaging, and plastic sectors. They will learn through analysis tools to identify inefficiencies in their production processes and determine ways to mitigate them, thus obtaining savings in their energy consumption by becoming more competitive and environmentally friendly.
The “Energy Efficiency in Argentina” project consortium has registered highly satisfactory results in the first two networks of Santa Fe and Tucumán where the savings margins have been extremely considerable. There are two more Learning Networks operating in the provinces of Córdoba and in the Pilar Industrial Park.
The final aim is to quantify the savings obtained and publish them, thus allowing us to measure the real impact of these measures.

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