By Proyecto Eficiencia Energetica 05 Diciembre 2019

The Energy Efficiency Law proposal it’ s now on the Senate’s table

Benefitting from the technical assistance, recommendations and contents of the project “Energy Efficiency in Argentina”, a proposal for the Energy Efficiency Law has been submitted to the National Congress. It covers a very important gap, as it is intended to define, design and implement an Energy Efficiency Plan, one of the objectives of our project.

The law aims to promote the rational and efficient use of energy, as well as the saving and conservation of energy resources, contributing to the preservation of the environment in the national territory, through the design of public policies. Without mentioning it explicitly, its content is an excellent contribution to a sustainable national and global development.

We congratulate the initiative of the Ministry of Energy, which is aligned with the objectives, contents and expected results of the Energy Efficiency Plan elaborated by the Consortium implementing the project “Energy Efficiency in Argentina” financed by the EU.

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